New Year, New Volunteer?

New Year's Resolutions

The festive season is now at an end and ahead of us is a fresh new year.  To start the year, you may have created a New Year’s Resolution (or two) and be making changes to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing. One New Year’s Resolution that is music to our ears is volunteering and getting involved with the local community.

Whilst this is our favorite type of resolution, it’s important to remember that volunteering is a commitment to yourself and the people in your community and you should try to stick with it for as long as possible, unlike some resolutions which notoriously fail.

According to a study in the Guardian, 10% of resolutions have been kept by year’s end and 25% fail before 15th January. Furthermore, 12th January is known to be ‘Quitter’s Day’ – The day we all seem to give up on our goals and slump back into old habits. If this is indeed the case, it doesn’t look good for those volunteering.

How can we help you to volunteer?

If volunteering is on your 2019 resolutions list, we can help you try and stick with this for as long as possible. We have hundreds of volunteering opportunities and highly experienced volunteer advisors who can help to find something you are passionate about supporting.

Once you’ve found an organisation or project you’re interested in you will begin to feel the benefits; your wellbeing will be enhanced as well as the lives of the people you are helping – it will almost be impossible to want to stop.

If you’re not sure where to start, please visit our list of opportunities online and begin scrolling. When you have found something you’re interested in please apply online, or pop in for a chat with one of our volunteer advisors at our centre in Guildford for more help and information. Good luck and we hope to see you soon!