I Want to Volunteer

If you are looking for an interesting and rewarding volunteer role then you have come to the right place. We work with over 300 local organisations that need volunteers and there are hundreds of different roles available.

You can view all our opportunities online.

Or you can come into the volunteer centre and talk to an adviser who will help you find something that suits you. Location and Opening Times

The things you can do as a volunteer are endless, a few examples are: befriending, gardening, all types of office work, giving advice, website design, finance, fundraising, shop work, driving, conservation, helping at sports events, arts and crafts, teaching, mentoring, listening, counselling and more.

Training is usually provided and many organisations will pay your travel expenses so you aren’t out of pocket from volunteering. While many roles will require you to make a regular commitment there are also roles that are one off or occasional meaning you can give as much or as little time as you want.

As well as helping others volunteering can also help you, these are some of the things you can gain from volunteering:

  • Work experience: If you are looking for paid work and want to enhance your CV showing you have been volunteering can help.


  • New friends: Many volunteering roles are very sociable, volunteering is a good way of meeting people and making friends.


  • Learning new skills and challenging yourself: Many roles have training provided. If you are looking to change jobs you might be able to learn the skills you need through volunteering.


  • Sharing your existing skills: If you have a particular skill or passion you could share it with others e.g. playing a sport, speaking a foreign language or playing an instrument.


  • Keeping active: Sitting at a desk all day, why not try a volunteering role that gets you moving out of office hours or maybe you are newly retired and looking for something to keep you active, lots of voluntary organisations could do with your experience.


  • Gaining confidence: If you’ve been out of work for a while maybe through ill-health, caring for someone or looking after a family and you aren’t sure whether you are ready for work, volunteering is a good way of building up your confidence and refreshing your skills. If you would like some extra support to help you volunteer have a look at our Welcome to Volunteering! project.

Young Volunteers and Duke of Edinburgh students:

We have volunteer opportunities for 12—18 year olds, you can go to our main volunteer pages and select roles for under 18s. Or contact the Volunteer Centre and our Volunteer Advisers can advise on which roles might be suitable.