5 Tips To Help In Your Volunteering Role


Volunteers are extremely important in communities and without them, many of the charity and voluntary organisations helping people would struggle to exist. Research also shows that 68% of people helping to run charities are volunteers, highlighting the extent of volunteers’ importance.

Whilst volunteers can have a big impact on charities and voluntary organisations, volunteering can also be life changing for the volunteer. In the UK, according to a survey of almost 10,000 people, four in 10 Britons volunteer and the majority say it benefits their mental health and decreases feelings of loneliness.

It also has many other benefits such as enabling you to gain new skills, allowing you to use existing skills whilst helping you meet new people and learn about a new organisation, it also helps make a difference to the lives of others, which can very rewarding.

To ensure you and the organisation your helping get the most out of your role, what could you do to make an impact?

Volunteering Top Tips

Below we have compiled five key points to help you succeed:

1. Be on time, reliable and consistent
2. Be presentable and act in a professional manner
3. Be inquisitive: ask questions about the organisation and other organisation you will be working with
4. Be friendly and approachable with positive communication skills and take time to chat to the other volunteers and staff members
5. Have fun – enjoy the opportunity of meeting new people and getting involved with a new organisation.

For more advice about volunteering, please don’t hesitate to contact us by ringing 01483 565456, or emailing us at communitypoint.org.uk.